JSON Animations in ActivePresenter?


is it possible to use json file format in ActivePresenter for smaller illustrations? I want to have animated icons, which will only be animated when the user hovers over them. For the animated icons we use json files, which already include the animation itself. I was fiddling around with activepresenter but was not able to make the magic happen.

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Hi Mel,

If the animated icon is independent from other ActivePresenter objects, you should embed it into a Web Object as mentioned in this thread Easy way to insert Lottie animation - #2 by Hang

Otherwise (e.g. in case you want to click the animated icon to show/hide another object), you should do the following steps to embed the animated icon directly into a shape:

  1. Add script to load Lottie library in Project > Properties > On Load event
     if (!window.bodymovin) {
         var lottieUrl = 'https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/bodymovin/5.11.0/lottie.min.js';
         var script = document.createElement("script");
         script.type = 'text/javascript';
         script.src = lottieUrl;
         prez.loadLottieAnimation = function(loadAnimFunc) {
             if (window.bodymovin)
                 script.addEventListener('load', loadAnimFunc, false);
  2. Add a shape to the slide, the lottie animation will be loaded into this shape in step 3. You can make this shape transparent by settings its fill color opacity to 0
  3. Add script to load Lottie animation in the slide On Load event
     // load Lottie animation into 'lottie' shape
     var jsonAnim = {}; // replace {} by your JSON animation data
     var animAPObject = prez.object('lottie'); // update the shape name
     prez.loadLottieAnimation(function() {
         var animLottieObject = bodymovin.loadAnimation({
             container: animAPObject.node,
             renderer: 'svg',
             loop: false,
             autoplay: false,
             animationData: jsonAnim // or path: path to JSON file
         // play animation on rollover/ rollout
         var direction = 1;
         animAPObject.on('ap-rollover', function() {
         animAPObject.on('ap-rollout', function() {

Sample project
Lottie.approj (300 KB)



Thanks again for your great help!

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