Javascript conflict with containing page

Problem: When we include exported ActivePresenter html into our parent html documents using an <iframe> we seem to be getting a javascript conflict that is preventing the parent code from running properly.

Is there a way to isolate the <iframe>'s javascript from the parent page?

It is affecting html as follows:
    		<ol type="a" class="quiz-blanks" id="fill">
    					<option value=""></option>
    					<option value="<">&#60;</option>
    					<option value="<">&#62;</option>
    					<option value="=">=</option>

Behaviour: The dropdown options open and then close right away.

Additional information: The parent page is including jquery.min.js

ActivePresenter version: 8.3.2

OS: Win 10


Hi Keith,

Scripts in an iframe can’t be conflicted with scripts in the parent page.
Maybe something in your parent page or ActivePresenter HTML5 output keeps stealing focus so the dropdown is closed.
If your project contains an object having a tab order, the HTML5 output will keep focusing on that object. It may cause this issue on some browsers such as Chrome. We’ll check to see if there’s any workaround and get back to you later.


Unfortunately, there’s no workaround if the HTML5 output is embedded in an iframe.
But you try embedding it directly in your page to overcome this issue.
You need to open the output .html file in a plain text editor, and copy styles, scripts and container tag to your page.


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Thank you! We were able to integrate the parent and presenter HTML and no longer have the issue.


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