Issue With Video Playback & .vtt subtitle files

Hi, I am adding closed captions directly onto the video, in .vtt formal. I am not adding CC to the slide as then there is a mis-match between subtitles and the video, if the video is taken forward or backward.
But upon uploading the .vtt file on to the video, and then exporting it to HTML5 file, many times the subtitle doesn’t play at all, and many times it is the wrong file. I have checked, double checked, exported and tried this many times. This is happening on both a local server as well as when I upload it to a website.

Please email me so that I can share the files with you to get to know the issue.

ActivePresenter version: ActivePresenter Pro Edition
Version 9.1.0 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2023.06.02)

OS: MacOS 14.0 (23A344)



Thank you for your information.

Please share the files with us at so that we can take a look and better assist you.