Issue With Video Playback & .vtt subtitle files

Hi, I am adding closed captions directly onto the video, in .vtt formal. I am not adding CC to the slide as then there is a mis-match between subtitles and the video, if the video is taken forward or backward.
But upon uploading the .vtt file on to the video, and then exporting it to HTML5 file, many times the subtitle doesn’t play at all, and many times it is the wrong file. I have checked, double checked, exported and tried this many times. This is happening on both a local server as well as when I upload it to a website.

Please email me so that I can share the files with you to get to know the issue.

ActivePresenter version: ActivePresenter Pro Edition
Version 9.1.0 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2023.06.02)

OS: MacOS 14.0 (23A344)



Thank you for your information.

Please share the files with us at so that we can take a look and better assist you.



we are experiencing similar issues with the vtt-subtitles when adding them to inserted videofiles.

  • The subtitles are only shown when exporting the project in HTML Preview Mode
  • When pausing a video and jumping to a different position using the media controls of the video, the subtitles are not shown anymore. Reloading the Slide does not help.
  • Every 2nd or 3rd time the wrong subtitles are shown.
  • When exported as HTML5 (no matter if started locally or in our LMS), the subtitles are not shown at all
  • The checkbox “Show by Default” is active

ActivePresenter Pro Edition
Version 9.1.4 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2024.03.22)

Do you have an idea what the issue might be?

Hi @ahr,

Please send us your project file and its external data folder named in the pattern PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) to so that we can investigate further.


Hello, generally I convert subtitles to SRT using Convert Subtitles to Srt: online format converter. Never got a problem.

By way way dear Atomi Team: It would be fantastic if the editing of the subtitles can improved. For example to mark such empty spaces all together and then delete them.

To avoid such fields in the produced video:

And… If I can wish something :rofl: Each video should have an own Edit dialog. If we have several videos in one project, then editing window is for all. Can be irritating some times.

After rubbing the Magic Lantern I make the third wish. For translating… 500 or 700 lines one by one is also time consuming. What about upload a *.txt with the same timecode of course and the translated text?

Byeee and all the best

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