Issue with importing CCs (.srt files)

Hey there,
I wanted to use AP for CCs in videos which are part of AP-modules. Proccess would be as following:
I generate the captions, export them to an .srt-file - order the needed translation - and in the end import the new .srt-file within AP.
I tried this process but when importing, the CCs are not in the same place as exported. I just edited a sentence for test reasons. It doesn’t matter if I import the .srt-file for single or multiple slides.
I see timecodes within the .srt-file and thought these would provide the right placement within the slide.
Indeed the CCs have the same durations and when I drag them to the original start point, everything fits. Is there anything wrong with my export or import settings?


ActivePresenter version:
8.5.3 - 64-bit build.

Windows 10

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If the start time of a CC node is in the duration of a slide, the CC node will be imported into that slide. Otherwise, it will be imported to another slide.
So, if you want to import CC for editing video, Import To Single Slide is the better option. Then, you can copy and paste each CC node to the slide you want.
Please pay attention to the position of the Playhead on the Timeline pane while you’re importing file. Note that the cases above only happen when you don’t place the Playhead on the Timeline pane.


Hi Hang,

thank you for your answer. I paid attention to the position of the Playhead on the Timeline but the imported .srt-file wasn’t imported onto the right position.
Because I use CCs for a video, the video has a timeline in which the user is able to skip content on the displayed timeline. But the CCs don’t follow the position of the video, they are just displaying on the duration (if you click forward inside the timeline the CC from the beginning is still showing).
Is this intended or is there an option to change this?

Kind reagards

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for getting back to me.

Here is how the importing CC feature works in ActivePresenter:

  • Import CCs to a single slide: CCs are imported to one slide, counted from the start time of the first CC node. The slide duration will expand to contain all the CCs if necessary.
  • Import CCs to multiple slides: CCs are imported to many slides, counted from the start time of the first CC node. However, a slide will include the CCs and the pausing time between the last CC node of the current slide and the first CC node of the following slide. So, CC from slide 2, slide 3,… always starts from 0s. We will improve this feature in the future for a better experience.

In the meantime, I recommend you use Import to a single slide for a better result.

the video has a timeline in which the user can skip content on the displayed timeline

When CCs appear in the video depends on the timestamp they are placed in the Timeline pane of the project. Therefore, to skip some content on the video, you should use the media control of the project, not of the video itself.


I have a similar problem. Cannot import CC across multiple slides. Subtitles work on the first 3 or 4 slides but after that it’s rubbish. I have a 50 slide module and it generates over 1000 slides when I import the subtitle !!! (tested with 5 different software).

Here is my approach. I export a video of my module. I am using software that generates the subtitles automatically. I embed the subtitle file on multiple slides (no interest to import on a single slide). Ok for the first 3 or 4 slides, but nothing is synchronized afterwards. There is obviously a bug somewhere!

Hi Christ,

Thank you for your information.
The Import Closed Caption feature will be fixed in the next update.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Best regards,

Hey Hang,

what do you exactly mean by

Therefore, to skip some content on the video, you should use the media control of the project, not of the video itself.”

The only way this seems possible to me is by adding a progress bar in the player settings. Is there another way to show media controls of the project only on one slide?

Kind regards

Hi Sariwest,

Please take a look at this image to distinguish the Toolbar of the project from the Media Controls of the video.

To show/hide the Media Controls of the video: select the video, in the Properties pane, Media tab > Show Media Controls.
To show/hide the Toolbar across the project: Open Player Settings > Toolbar > tick/untick the Show Toolbar option.

Is there another way to show media controls of the project only on one slide?

No, there isn’t. You can only hide or show the Toolbar across multiple slides in the project.


Dạ e xin chào mn
Em muốn quay ghi hình và âm thanh trên active presenter mãi nhưng không có được
Nó cứ báo lỗi các thứ là sao ạ

Chào bạn,

Bạn vui lòng xem video dưới đây để biết cách thu âm, ghi hình trong ActivePresenter:

Nếu bạn muốn ghi lại màn hình máy tính, trên màn hình khởi động, bạn nhấp chuột chọn Quay video màn hình. Sau đó, thiết lập các cài đặt để ghi như sau:

Để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết, bạn xem trang 39 trong Hướng dẫn sử dụng:

Trường hợp phần mềm báo lỗi, bạn vui lòng mô tả chi tiết các bước thực hiện (hoặc chụp ảnh màn hình) để bên mình có thể hỗ trợ bạn tốt hơn?

Trân trọng,

Do you know when this update should be available?

This is a very important function for us. Without it within a reasonable period of time we would be obliged to use software competing with ActivePresenter.


Hi Christ,

We will try to release the update in this week.
I am sorry for this inconvenience.


Hi Christ,

We have just released ActivePresenter 8.5.4 which includes the fix for this problem.


Hi Hang,

I have one last question regard subtitles and videos in Active Presenter :smiley:
Due to the fact that it is no option for us to work with the progress bar (because it’s a global setting and we would need it for one slide only) I wanted to ask you weather it is possible, that the timeline of the video (media controls of video are checked) follows the slide duration. So the playhead of the video = point in presentation?
Because right now, the subtitles are wrong placed when a user interacts with the media controls of the video.
That would solve our problem, that we could localise inside of AP and use the great feature of providing our users the option to show/hide CCs with the CC Button.

Kind regards

Hi Sarah,

Please follow the instructions below to see if that’s what you want.

  1. Export only the video to the HTML5 package.
  1. Insert this package to ActivePresenter as a Web Object.


Hey Hang,
no, the problem is that if I am importing a video into ActivePresenter, use the media controls image
of the video, and now work with CCs that the video and the CCs dont match when I am navigating through the timeline.
Because the CCs follow to the slide duration and the video media controls are not.

Hi Sarah,

Oh, I see. The only way that I can suggest is to uncheck the Show Media Controls option of the video. So, if you would like to control the video speed, you can use the Toolbar/timeline of the presentation.


Thanks, it works now.


Hi - I’m having the exact same issues as @sariwest ! I cannot adjust the media control player bar to the time stamp of the slide itself or vice versa - so the follwoing issues occur, depending on the above mentioned options:

  1. when using project player setting progress bar: I can scroll through all slides (not wanted, I just want to scroll through video on one slide), but then the CC doesnt match the video anymore, as the CC is set to the project timeline
  2. when using the media controls of the video: I scroll ahead in the video, the CC matches - however I have to wait for the slide timeline to catch up (can’t go to next slide when video is done, because slide timeline is still running)
  3. when importing video as web object: I can’t set any triggers to the object, so I can’t say e.g. “go to next slide at end of slide” or anything else

Is there any way to add CC to just the media controls, so it can be done independently for the video?

Thanks & regards,