Issue with font and letter spacing

I’ve an issue with fonts. I’m using the “Intro” font, but the letter spacing is lower in Active Presenter and in the export compared to the standard letter spacing of the font. What could cause this issue ? I don’t see any settings that could impact this on Active Presenter, I embedded the font for the export…
Thank you for your help.
ActivePresenter version: 8




After thorough testing, we found that the “Intro” font still works fine in our tests, and we have not experienced the issue you described. So, could you please share a screenshot that compares the appearance of this font in ActivePresenter with the standard font you mentioned? This will help us in better understanding the situation and providing you with appropriate assistance.

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Hi, thank you for your reponse, here’s a screenshot taken on a Mac computer. In white, the HTML export with the intro font. In Pink, added text in intro font to compare with.


Thank you for your information.

Letter, Line, and paragraph spacings may be different between browsers, and between them and ActivePresenter. This is due to different text rendering engines used by these applications, and unfortunately, these differences cannot be resolved.

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