Isolate Audio source

Hello, is there a way in ActivePresenter to isolate audio source?

At the moment I can only choose the source for system audio and for microphone.
But with system audio it records everything.
I’d like, for example, record a meeting without the new email notification sound or other input coming from other applications opened.
I tried to focus the recording on a single app but it doesn’t work as it still record all the system audio.
Hope it is clear what I mean :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Have you tried the selection shown below?

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uhhhh, well NO of course.
I don’t want to mute all system audio. I’d like to record only audio coming from the application I’m recording.
I mean, just as an example. If I’m recording a skype videocall and I have also Spotify playing music, I’d like to record audio only from skype and not all the system audio.

My apologies for misunderstanding.

My general workflow when I need to record my desktop is to close programs I don’t need and to turn off recording for system audio to prevent unwanted sounds.
If I require system audio - from a particular application - I make sure all others are closed if they are active enough to become a problem.

I also ensure that my desktop does not show any icons but just a wallpaper to avoid distractions.

I am not aware of a way to limit audio input to a single application unless it is the only application running.
If there is a way - I am sure that the staff will chime in with the solution. They are fantastic.

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No problem! :slight_smile:
Yep your solution is obviously the simplest but unfortunately is not always applicable for me.
For example, it could happen that I have to follow some training on a chat application (zoom, webex, or whatever). I’m interested in recording the training but I have to mantain open Outlook for emails or Teams just in case of needs (training are done on working hours).
So, for this reason I would like to record only audio from chat application and not all the notification sounds.
Yeah of course I could silence other applications in different ways but I cannot risk of miss something important…