Is there any dev document?

For example, database structure document.
I want to do something to the *.approj database.

And I want to update slides set contents =replace(contents,’:+’,’:’) as it’s not valid json :cry:

Those are not meant to be manipulated manually because that may cause data corruption.

Can you please tell why would you want to do something with the ActivePresenter project file?


See this:

Because I don’t want to remove the gap manually by changing the Cursor Path slide by slide…
And after some “guess”, I think the following pseudocode maybe helpful.

If it works, I’ll be able to use “record software simulation” for both well-prepared and underprepared scene.
As evenif the speaker has no experience to use AP, I can still export the video without GAP between audios…


 {    //the last part (containing CLICKPOINT)
     sound: 0,
     efftype: 0

 {    //the other part (the first one for short)
      starttime:  resource[controls<kind=3>].duration - duration


slides.slide.duration: 0