Is there a preset symbol?

Problem: Is there a preset symbol?
Saola Animate version: v3.0;
OS: Win 10;

I see there are built-in Shape, Freeform object,
but when I click Element > Symbol,
it will bring out a dialog to ask me where is the symbol.

Q1) Are there some downloadable preset symbol?

Q2) I see a dolphin on project “boat-sea”, so I right-click it,
select “Convert to symbol”, and give it a name “symbol-dolphin”,
so how can I open it from another project (for example a new project),
please tell me the steps.

There two strange thing (or maybe bugs) I see:

  1. I cannot the “Export” option on the context menu of the “symbol-dolphin”.
  2. “symbol-dolphin” is already a “symbol”,
    but why still have a “Convert to symbol” item on its context menu.

Thank you,

  1. Symbols can be exported by right clicking on the item in the resources pane.

  2. Symbols on the page are instances of the symbol and as a symbol is merely a collection of resources, you can make other symbols from symbols.

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