Is there a page that list all of the java codes that you send out to users? Or can you email out a list?

Problem: Atomi is always so helpful with whatever I need. This week alone I was given a java code to go in the events tab that allow me to create a link to allow greater functionality and I just got another one, a new java code to remove the learner response on the reports tab and make more room on the page. I know that you are creating java codes like this for people all over the world who use your program. Is there a place where you post all of these codes so that we could have more functionality and better performance outcomes? For example I could go there to see what are more possibilities for your product. Or do you have a list of codes that do cool java things that you could email me? if so my email is

ActivePresenter Version: The latest version 7.(something)

OS: Windows 10

Notes: You all are awesome! Thank you for all that you do!


Please take a look at pages 204-218 in User Manual (press F1).