Is it possible to use CSS in ActivePresenter?

I am using and enjoying the program very much, I would like to use CSS in addition to customizing buttons and other objects as forcing responsive automatically.

Windows 7


Unfortunately, that is not supported. For controlling button style, please use theme colors and fonts instead.
FYI, We are adding new powerful responsive features in ActivePresenter 8.


When will version 8 be released?

Can I change the color of an object with js? without having to change state or anything. Pure javascript


You can use fillSolid method to change the color of an object.
For example:

  var myObject = prez.object('my object name');
  // fill with color name
  // fill with r, g, b, a (r, g, b: 0 - 255, a: 0 -1)
  myObject.fillSolid(255, 0, 0, 0.5);

Version 8 is in its testing phase, hopefully it’ll be available at the end of this month.


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