Is it possible to shuffle answers at run time?

For multi-choice and drag and drop, there is an option to shuffle the answers, which is pretty handy. But I want to know if it’s possible to do run time shuffling of the answers? i.e., say if I have a button, when I click the button, the answer can shuffle. It’s also acceptable if the answers (or the entire question) can hide but when it shows up (upon button trigger) the answers can be arranged differently. Is it possible?

ActivePresenter version: v8.2.3

OS: win10

The use case is, presently to compile the questions, I need to manually create every single question. But if I could shuffle the questions at run time, then I can potentially do infinite loop of questions simply by shuffling them. This will create a lot flexibility and save huge manual efforts. Thanks!


Unfortunately, the current version of ActivePresenter does not support to shuffle answers at run time.