Is it possible to edit/reorder the buttons on the Timeline Toolbar?

I want to customize the buttons/order of buttons on the Timeline Toolbar.

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: Windows 10


When adding closed captioning to videos (which I do A LOT), it’s annoying having to go back and forth between Play and CC all the time. I’d like to move them closer together.

Alternatively, I could be happy with binding Play to a hotkey.

Any possibility of either? Thanks!

Hi Sarah,

For your convenience, you can assign hotkeys to any buttons in the Timeline pane.
To do that, click on the ActivePresenter button > Preferences > Hotkeys.

For example, to assign hotkeys to CC button, select Insert Caption > click inside the New hotkey box, then press the combination of keys you want to assign > click Add to assign new hotkeys > click Apply to submit the changes:

For more information about customizing hotkeys, please refer to this article:


Pressing [Space] key will toggle Play/Resume and Pause.
I guess that’s what you need.