Is it possible to copy/paste flex box and how?

Problem: I make complex layouts and I have to configure each of the flex boxes by hand. It’s complicated and borious. It would be easier and faster if I could copy paste these flex boxes below each other according to my needs.

I would therefore like to know if it is possible to easily paste a complex flex box above or below the one that has been copied?

Thank you.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.
OS: MacOS 10.15.7


To copy and paste a flex box, you can select it on the Canvas, press Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V, respectively. Drag the pasted one into any flex box you want.
If you want to copy and paste a flex box above or below the one that has been copied in the Selection pane, unfortunately, the current version doesn’t support this function. But you can manually change the order of flex boxes by dragging and dropping in this pane.
We’ll make improvements in future updates.