Iphone loading problem - html5

Problem: I have created a few quiz interactions. It’s really cool to work with the program, but there are two problems.

If the quiz is converted to html5, and I would like to try it in our LMS on an iPhone (in landscape), then the output is really tiny. I need to turn the phone to get it bigger. On my android phone, it is big immediately.

When I try to zoom in on my iPhone, the html5 is breaking down. I have no Idea why this is happening.

Thank you for your help in advance, and sorry for my bad english.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.0

Hi Phahn,

Could you give us information about iOS version, browser’s name & version?

Besides, please describe your problem in more details. A video that illustrates the problem will be appreciated.



Thank You for the Quick answer.

Here are the Information:

IPhone 11 pro max
Safari 14

I have attached a Video where Can See How small it is and that the HTML is breaking down.

Thank you in advance.

Pascal Hahn
Iphone poblem

Hi Phahn,

Regarding the tiny output, maybe due to your LMS.
On your LMS, is there any option that allows open the scorm with a new window/tab? If yes, please select this option and try again to see if it fits the screen or not.

When zooming in, maybe you misstouch any button, so it loads another page.


Hello Quynh,

I think it’s not a problem of our LMS. Just to make it clear again. The problem is only on iPhones, not on Windows, android phones or an MacBook. I have the idea that it might be a problem with the “autoplay” from the iphone, because after the “break down” of the HTML5 the course starts from the beginning and if you return to the HTML5, it’s not small anymore.

In our LMS there is no option for a new window, but at the moment we are not working with scorm. Maybe in the future we will, but right now we create content like videos, slides in our LMS, and we work with the HTML files.

I have checked your zooming idea, but I do not touch anything before the page breaks down and the whole course starts from the beginning.

By the way…I have one template where it works completely fine. There is no breakdown and the output is in the normal size. But I can’t find the mistake or difference to the other templates to far…

Thank you in advance.


Hi Phahn,

I saw that you contacted us via email.
Please check it and provide us more information so that we can support you better.