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I am creating a slide which has 20+ buttons, each with an action to show 2 objects with different animated entrance effects.
I have created an action for each to show and hide the 2 objects (click on - show, click off - hide) but would like to be able to hide previous objects by clicking any other button. Ideally, I don’t want to have to ‘click off’ to hide an object if I want to select another.
Is there any easy solution to hide all every time I click any button?


Hi @Catherine_Thorne,

You can use the Advanced Action feature to achieve this.
Advanced Action helps to execute multiple actions at one time and build conditions for actions logically without repeating the same stages for each object.

You can take a look at the video sample below for more detail.
In the sample, when you preview, after clicking each shape, a series of actions will take place at once.

To take a closer look at the show-hide flow explanation, please watch from 1:00 to 2:45
Then, add On Click event to the buttons.
And, watch from 6:23 to know how to set up advanced actions. (change On Change event in the video to On Click event like in the sample).
Other samples on how to use Advanced Action can be found below as additional references:

Let me know if there is anything unclear.


Thank you,

So I need to make each object appear by using the button states rather than ‘show object’ in the interactivity actions. Is this because the ‘hide object’ will override the toggle action?



Please let me clarify.

The sample and videos I sent you are for references to help you understand how Advanced Action work.

In your case, as you don’t want to click off to hide an object before selecting another, what I suggest here is you add the Hide Object actions to the On Click event of the next Show Object button.
So, under that On Click event, you will have the Show Object action to show that object, and other Hide Object actions to hide other objects you don’t want to show.
If you have many objects to hide, it’s time for you to use the Advanced Action, where you can add a series of actions like the sample I sent.

About the Change Object State action like in the video, you should not use that in your case as it’s only applied to change the object states (color, size, shape), not trigger animation.
Meanwhile, in your case, animations are involved.

So, you just stick with your flow using Show Object and Hide Object actions.
Use Advanced Action when there are many actions needed to trigger in the same event.

Quynh Anh

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