Interactive contents to be made with scales

In this activity, when an object is dragged onto the pan of the scale, the pan of the scale is expected to go down with the weight of the object. And when we put weight on the other side of the scale, the scale is expected to balance. However, in this program, we cannot create the interactive content that is intended to be done with the scale. Are there any solutions you can suggest us for this?

@cemileyavuz - I understand the challenge of trying to animate the individual platters. This would be a bit easier to do with the ability to customize the action for each individual object on a drop target.
Here is a thought - What if you modified your scale a little bit to add a marker that indicated the balance of the scale?
Perhaps something similar to the rough example below? Would that work for you?


OK - now with a trick I learned from @Hoanp about different actions for each source accept - I will take another look at the animation idea which was your original desire.

It will mean separating the base from the two platters and making a slightly elongated support pole for each one. Then I think we can animate them to a high, medium, and low level depending on the weights.

I will work on this tomorrow and see what I can come up with.

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Hi @cemileyavuz, I did a project and I don’t know if it is the same as you described.
Although it’s a bit complicated, I hope it helps you.

This is my project:
The Scale.approj (1 MB)

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That’s exactly what I wanted. It also gave me a different perspective. Thank you very much.

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That is exactly what I had envisioned - @Li_Shimin
Thank you for putting the project together.
Now I have to find something else to do today - :laughing:

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