Interactions with mouse clic don't work

Problem: I used a record software simulation and add interactions (show objects) on incorrect actions.


When I export the project in HTML5, it seems like it can’t recognise the correct answer. It directly shows the incorrects objects.

I use Hint message as object (maybe that’s why…)

ActivePresenter Version: 7.3.3

OS: windows

If I don’t have a solution, ActivePresenter is useless to me… And it’s a shame because it worked just fine before…
help me ! (desesperates cries !!)



Can you please share the project so we can check? You can email it to



Thanks for your quick answer.
A colleage and I found the problem yesterday (it’s 7am in France now). Apparently, in the style & effect section, you have to let the solid line to your mouse clic for it to work.
I wanted to unly use the practise level so I removed it (no line). It was a mistake.
But I wonder : why propose it if it stops the interaction ?
Anyway, problem solved :slight_smile:

Good day,

We are glad to hear that it works now. This is related to a change in the version 7 allowing learners to interact with objects which have arbitrary shapes. You can also set the opacity of line, fill to 0 to make the Mouse Click invisible but still responds to learner’s interactions.