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I’m new to using slides in Active Presenter. I’m use to recording tutorial videos. But now I need to get into using slides because they want question/answers added. I tried inserting images. I selected 3 images. But I don’t see the 3 images. I just see one of them. I tried inserting powerpoint slides. It only inserted 1 powerpoint side. And oddly enough it wasn’t the 1st slide in the pptx. It was the 4th. When I watch videos, I see after import, I should see them all listed on the left side. But I don’t. I only see 1 slide. :frowning: Can someone instruct me on what I’m doing wrong?

Interesting info. My inability to see more than one slide apparently is MAC related. I have windows O/S for my personal PC. I downloaded the free version of Active Presenter on my personal PC. And I can import images and each show up as a separate slide. But MAC (work laptop) only shows one slide when I import multiple images. I’m on Ventura v13.3.1(a); ActivePresenter Standard Edition
Version 9.0.7 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2023.03.15)


Based on your description, we think that maybe your Slides pane is hidden from the working window of ActivePresenter.
Please access the View tab > click on Slides to show the Slides pane on the left side of the Canvas.
See the image below for details:

In case your issue still persists, kindly provide us with an illustration video so we can define the issue better.

One more piece of information I would like to note down, you are currently utilizing the Standard license.
But the questions/answers require the Pro license.
So, if you intend to incorporate interactive questions into your project, it will be necessary for you to upgrade your license.

Have a great day ahead!

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That worked. I can see all slides now on my MAC. :+1:

Glad to know that your issue has been resolved.
Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.