Insert YouTube odd behaviour

I’m trying to help some colleagues who use AP resolve a problem with the playback of YouTube videos.

They are inserting the link using the AP YouTube button. But when published, the video appears to try and play but keeps pausing and advances only a frame at a time when play / space-bar is triggered.

They insist that the videos were playing correctly up until recently and it makes me wonder if Google have updated something on YouTube that has caused the problem.

I have tested their video and several others and it does keep happening. Although, occasionally it will play - most of the time it’s play a frame - pause.

It appears okay if I use AP’s Web Object and insert the full embed HTML snippet.

I have put up one of the example I used here: Untitled

I’ve eliminated everything but AP or YouTube and I don’t use either enough to shed any more light on the problem .


mack ( a long time Saola user :slight_smile: )

Thank you, Mack for reporting the problem regarding YouTube video’s playback in ActivePresenter.

Rest assured, we are working on fixing this issue in the upcoming update and will promptly notify you upon its resolution.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused and would like to express our appreciation for your continued support of Saola Animate.

Kind regards,

Thanks Hang,

Just out of interest, did this have anything to do with Google releasing Topics API into the wild?

No, it didn’t. This is actually because of ActivePresenter when the Internet speed is not very fast.

Best regards,

Hi @mackavi,

We have released an update that fixes the issue with the Insert YouTube odd behaviour: doesn’t play smoothly when resuming from a paused state.
Please update ActivePresenter to the latest version to experience it.