Inhouse fullscreen button duplicates with active 'Progress Bar'

Problem: Due to the ‘Display Mode Button’ not being a true fullscreen button, but rather an “auto adjust size” button, we created our own true fullscreen button to be added into the toolbar. This all worked beautifully, until we now created video modules and have the ‘Progress Bar’ option visible in the toolbar. The visible ‘Progress Bar’ seems to affect the fullscreen button in a way, that at the end of each video a second fullscreen button is now being displayed in the toolbar. However, when we deactivate the ‘Progress Bar’ in the Player Settings everything is back to normal. Our Dev. is saying that there’s nothing wrong with the code and the behavior suggests it being a fault in AP - any ideas?

ActivePresenter version: ActivePresenter Pro Edition - Version 8.3.2 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2021.01.26)

OS: Windows 10 & Mac OS

Notes: -

Hi Sheree,

The Display Mode button will show the Fullscreen option on browsers that support full screen mode (modern browsers on Windows, macOS, Android, and Safari browser on iPad).

I’m not sure why you only see this option when showing the progress bar.
Please send your project and your custom toolbar scripts to so that we can check.


Hi Toan,

thanks for yor prompt feedback. Unfortunately the fullscreen button in the AP-toolbar is not displayed correctly, but it seems to have something to do with an iframe in which our modules are placed on our inhouse LMS.

It has been fixed - so it was something to do on our side! :slight_smile: thank you nevertheless for your efforts!


Hi Sheree,

Glad to hear that it has been fixed on your side.
The iframe should have allowfullscreen attribute set so that the embedded content can go full screen.

<iframe allowfullscreen src="path/to/HTML5/output"></iframe>