Improve editing of Motion Paths

Hello all,

For the forthcoming update to ActivePresenter, could you consider improving the editing of motion paths for objects? For example, while editing a path in PowerPoint, a transparent ghost image of the object displays and moves with the path line, allowing accurate positioning of the motion end-point.

To illustrate this, I attach an image showing a screen copy from both PowerPoint and ActivePresenter for the same exercise. Using ActivePresenter involves a LOT of trial & error to position properly, while PowerPoint makes it very quick and easy.

Could this be an considered a feature improvement for version 9?


I also vote for this.

In fact, I would go a bit further and ask that we be able to set end point positioning using value fields. When working with complex slides, it would be nice to position an element on a subsequent slide to the place where it ended on the current slide.


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Hi Ian and Keith,

Thank you for your contributing feedback.

ActivePresenter 9 is coming soon so we can’t change or add any more features.
However, we have acknowledged your requests and will try to support this feature in the future updates.
In the meantime, please keep updated of the latest news from our channels so as not to miss any important information.

Kind regards,
Quynh Anh