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Image Translation

Image Translation:
I am trying to place a small image sequence onto the Saola timeline from the resources panel. I only want each image to display on screen for 1/10th of a second.
When I place an image on the screen it defaults to the left and then has to be dragged to correct position and keframed. This is extremely tedious copy/pasting x y values into the small numeric boxes on the right of screen under transorm.

My question:
Is there a simple way to freeze the position of an image from one frame to another without needing to keyframe numerically?
I tried “remove transition” but this option retains the second keyframe position and still must be keyed in numerically.

Many thanks


To achieve your desire, you should add keyframes manually instead of using Auto- Keyframe.
So, turn the Auto-Keyframe Mode off before moving your element on the Canvas, Deek.
Please refer to this tutorial for more useful information:

Besides, if you have many elements and you want to align them, Saola Animate provides you with many alignment tools to optimize your work time.
See this article for more details.

Have a nice day,

Thanks Thuy.
the Alignment tutorial is very handy. I had not come across this one yet :dizzy_face: