Ignore last screen visited

When learners completed a chapter and they reopen it later on, it takes them to the last screen visited. So they need to manualy browse back to the first screen. It’s not something I instruct in AP8 or saved state and such. Is there a way to let the learner enter at the first screen of the (re)opened chapter? I prefer not to use an extra button.

Thanks for your valuable advise.

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Win10


Hi Ben,

What do you mean by a chapter?
If it’s a SCORM/xAPI content generated by ActivePresenter, maybe it’s paused at the last slide so it’s actually not completed yet. And the progress will be restored when the learner visit it again.

A pause is denoted by a yellow vertical slash in the timeline as in the screenshot below:

If it’s the case, please select the Auto Advance checkbox of the last slide (in Properties pane > General section), and clear Pause presentation to wait for user input checkbox of any interactive object (in Properties pane > Interactivity tab).

If a chapter is just a section containing some slides in your ActivePresenter project, you must place a button at the end of each chapter to go back to the first slide manually.