Ideas to Inspire #3 - A Slider Game

In this example - I offer a game of sorts where you have to use three sliders that correspond to the RGB color values of a box. How Good Are Your Eyes?

Your task is to adjust the sliders so that your box matches the color of the given box. Your score will be based on how far off your RGB values are from the true value.
You will have 10 rounds to try to get the LOWEST score you can.

Features of this project include:

  1. Three individual sliders that track three different values.
  2. Round, current round score, and total score tracking
  3. Random RGB values for new color experiences every round and every game.
  4. Ability to start a new game at any time
  5. Feedback to show your RGB values compared to the actual values.

What sorts of interesting games could you think of using sliders in this way? Share your thoughts in the comments - and if you think you have the best score - post a screenshot of your Round 10 results. Remember - the lower - the better.

Color Matching Game


This game is both creatively challenging and quite tough =))))
Here is a screenshot of my round 10 results: :smile:
P/s. I can feel tears beginning to pool in my eyes. :sob:


Great game with the slider feature, Greg :muscle:
I really like it cuz it helps test and train my eyes and color identification :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here is my first attempt, so closeeee.

I will try until the 10th round and update later :>>>>


@QuynhAnh_Vu - Wow! That is really good! I had one as low as 25 once and I thought that was good - but my eyes are old now. Thanks for checking it out.

@Hang - You’re a rockstar! That is going to be tough to beat but @QuynhAnh_Vu might have a chance. You certainly have some competition. Thanks for checking it out.

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Yayyy, wanna share with you, @gregs, the 1st time I get 6 for Round Score. :partying_face:

Your game can reduce working stress effectively but it’s quite challenging, honestly.
Btw, I like it. Keep it up :muscle:

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Nice! A solid performance for sure, @PhuongThuy_Le !