Idea: support tab in menu / issues: placing objects

Feature request:
A “Support” tab in the menu above where “home”, “slide” , “annotations” , … is shown. When clicked on this “support” tab shows a form-page in active presenter in which the user can type requests/bugs and then send them from there!
This “Support” tab only get’s displayed when the user set’s its username and password somewhere in the settings.

  • Pc info get’s immediately filled in, active presenter can probe machine specs (OS, ram,…etc)
  • A simple screenshot tool with arrow, so the user can quickly point to the desired item on which the user want’s to have support for (or want’s to offer an idea on).
  • Maybe even a simple recording option (that can convert to gif?)
  • Can upload image/video support/idea related content directly from Active Presenter


  • objects are placed full length across the whole slide length not at timeline-cursor position as a short 3 or 5 second block. I think it is much friendlier to place objects at set time lengths for example 3 seconds at the time-line cursor the user can then easily resize. But if it is placed at full length then it is not easy to resize, the user must first scroll to far left/right.
  • placing a new object (pasting image for example) automatically selects the object placed which is good, but it often also selects the background. This means immediately after you have placed the object (image, for example) you then want to move it to the correct position, but because the background is also selected you also drag the main background when dragging the object immediately after it has been placed.


We also want to allow sending support request from within ActivePresenter, but there’s no exact timeline for this feature yet.

Regarding the two issues:

  • Issue 1: It depends on the type of the object. If timeline playhead is available, a new shape should be inserted at the playhead position and have a fixed duration. Do you want which types of objects also have this behavior?
  • Issue 2: I can’t reproduce this issue. What do you mean by “the background”? If it’s the slide background image, it should have never been selected.


About issue 1, I noticed that when when the plyahead is indeed available it places the new object at the playhead (cursor) but it put’s it at the full length to the right, meaning the user has the go to the far right to resize the placed object in the timeline. I purposely created a new image in the clipboard outside active presenter so it is not related to active presenter (object does not have active presenter object information like duration,…etc…) and it then uses the full rightside lenght. When I place an object copied from within AP it then pastes correctly at playhead and at it’s originally set duration. In other words, new objects take the full lenght across the rightside of the timeline.

About issue 2, I think I found the culprit!
When an object is selected and when you press [CTRL]+[V] then the newly placed object get’s selected WITH the originally selected object! Is it possible to turn this off. I assume that 9 out 10 time when a user places an object on the canvas using [CTRL]+[V] then the user immediately re-positions the newly placed object meaning that when multiple items are selected the user needs to constantly deselect the first item.


About issue 1, we’ll consider improving it for image objects.
About issue 2, unfortunately I still can’t reproduce it. Can you please describe it step by step, and provide version information of ActivePresenter and your OS.

Regards (416.8 KB)

Regarding issue 2, I uploaded a zipfile which contains 27 second .wmv recording of what I am doing.
I have a windows 10 64bit system, 17134.1 , Active Presenter 7.3.3

Thank you for helping us find out the issue.
It occurs when pasting images from outside of ActivePresenter.
We’ll try to fix it in the next update.