I don't know why I can't choose on this game

I don’t know why I can’t choose on this game, please help me to see it. Thank you.

Sorry, I ca n’t upload it because it exceeds 4096KB, 5206KB. Is there any other way?


I don‘t really understand your question. Could you please describe the thing that you can’t choose on your game?
Please send your project to support@atomisystems.com. If the file is too large, you can upload it to cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link.


I sent an email to this mailbox yesterday and asked two questions, looking forward to your answers.

Besides, when I click the “Submit” button, there is sound but it does not jump to the page. Just useless buttons.

Hi Yuanyaun,

Please check my answer in your mailbox. We’ve fixed the problem and sent the project back to you.


Thank you so so so so much !!!
Makes me a lot easie :微笑:r!