I can't make an animation with a modification of the dimensions of an image as I was usual to do that few years ago

Problem: I remember just 3 or 4 years ago I used an animation that allowed me to change the size of an image at some point in the timeline. Today, this animation and many others seem to have simply disappeared. Is there a way to use them? How ? Thanks for your help.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.5

OS: MacOS 10.15.7

Notes: this is a screenshot of an old video on YouTube. Today, with the 8.5.5 version of Active Presenter, I have only the green animations. Not the Yellow.

Hi there,

It seems that the screenshot that you provide isn’t the ActivePresenter user interface.
It looks like a Powerpoint user interface, instead.
The current version of ActivePresenter offers users entrance/exit/emphasis effects together with motion paths (Animations tab).
Particularly, the green, red, and yellow effects represent Entrance, Exit, and Emphasis ones, respectively.
You can add the Pulse effect (emphasis) to change the shape of any object for a while.

The next release version of ActivePresenter will enhance user experiences with a lot of further animation effects.

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OK, I understand.
Thanks you.