HTML5 video hosted on another server


We are considering using ActivePresenter in our video production. Our students use our web application to watch videos. Our videos are hosted on Wowza Media server.

We have have tried to export videos we have made with ActivePresenter as HTML5. Is it possible to move the mp4 file to another location from resources folder? We would like to move it to Wowza Media Server. I didn’t find a path to the mp4 file in the HTML5 folder files.

Have you considered exporting direct to video?

You will have a few options.


Hi @TH11,

We do not support hosting resources of HTML5 in another location, unfortunately.

Quynh Anh

Perhaps I do not understand the question.

I’ll try to be more clear. We want to incorporate quizzes to our video lectures. Our videos can be quite long so we don’t want to host them on our web server because of space limitations. We can host the files related to the videos on our web server. We would like to host the mp4 files on another server, preferrably on Wowza Media Server.

Hi @TH11,

As I mentioned previously, we do not support hosting resources of HTML5 in another location.
In this case, you can use Web Object to display the video that is hosted in that other location.

Quynh Anh

So you would like to do something similar to inserting a YouTube video but from a different service?