HTML5 Preview Generation

On clicking HTML5 Preview in the Home tab, then selecting Tutorial, Activepresenter displays the project generation progress dialog, then stops. It takes two or three of these actions to actually launch the preview.

In perhaps a related issue, a message stating that Chrome is not my default browser (which it always is), repeatedly occurs with a request to make it the default browser will display OS settings application.

Please advise.

Hi Peter,

You can click the Preview button on the Status bar to reduce the steps.

Regarding the Chrome default browser message, it is displayed by Chrome and I think there is an option on that message dialog to disable it appear in the next time. Maybe something goes wrong in Windows configuration that makes ActivePresenter think Chrome is the default browser and open it when previewing. You can change the default browser to a new one then change it back to your preferred one to see if it help.



Using the Preview button on the Status bar still requires that the option is selected several times before the Preview launches.

Chrome is my default browser.

I am learning Activepresenter with the free version, could this be part of the problem.


Hi Peter,

You can use the F5 keyboard shortcut to launch the preview. The last selected operation mode (Demonstration, Tutorial…) will be used.