HTML5 export playback problems

I am new here. I am a french teacher (sorry in advance for my english …)
I know Activepresenter well but I only discover interactive videos in HTML5.
Today, I tried to make a short video with video screen shot, voice-over (recorded after), shapes and some effects like zooms and pan … and a button to stop and resume the video .
Unfortunately, when I export the project in HTML5, I have some problems:

  • The sound is played only if I play the video a few seconds then if I put the video from start with the cursor …
  • Also, zooms and pan are not played … (nor forms during zooms).

Still, in MP4 export, everything works fine (except the button obviously).
I tried to read the HTML5 file on Firefox, Chrome and Edge but the problem remains the same …
Do you have any ideas for correcting these problems?
Thank you in advance !


Many browsers require user interactions (such as click, tap) to play audio. So you should add a Start button on the first slide for users to click if your project contains audio.
Zoom and pan is not shown in Practice and Test mode by default. If you use these modes, please select Zoom and Pan object and enable Practice and Test in Properties pane > Show In Mode section.


Thank you very much for your answer !
I didn’t think about that …
It seems perfect!
I went to work but I will test it tonight !
I will give you some news…
Thank you !

Perfect !
I just tried, it works perfectly!
Thank you very much again!

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