HTML5 Banner Ad Tutorial? (Google Adwords)

Problem: Tutorial on ‘How to make an HTML5 Google Adwords Compatible Banner Ad’

Saola Animate version: Newest Version!

OS: Windows 10


Hi Saola.

I was wondering if you have any tutorials on how to make Google Adwords compatible Banner Ads? I have searched the Home Page, Forum, Youtube, etc. but can’t find any guides or tutorials on this subject!

If you haven’t got any, is it possible that you could make one? or two :slight_smile:

All the best


Hi Rene’,

Saola Animate is a general-purpose animation tool so such a tutorial will not be prioritized.
There’s some requirements you need to follow when creating a Google Adwords compatible banner, some notable technical ones are:

  • The HTML file must contain Ad.size meta tag. You can click Edit HTML in Document tab to add this tag to the output HTML file, e.g. <meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=250">
  • Compressed total size limit: 150KB
  • No audio, video
  • Common sizes:

After creating the banner, you can compress the HTML5 output to a zip file and validate it here: