HTML5 3D implementation

I am looking to develop some HTML5 animation of 3D objects etc to be included in eLearning solutions. A couple of questions about your software:

  1. Do you have 3D functionality for HTML5 with javascript?
  2. As well as creating animated 3D content for technical eLearning, I would like the same content to be able to be explored and interacted with in 3D by the viewer after the animation is complete. The ‘three.js’ javascript library ( looks to be able to provide a mechanism for 3D interaction. Any thoughts on how this might be integrated with your product??

Hi Peter,

Unfortunately, ActivePresenter doesn’t have 3D functionality for HTML5 yet.
But you may use Web Object to embed HTML5 content created by threejs or other tools into an ActivePresenter project.
Communication (if needed) between a Web Object content and ActivePresenter content can be done by calling scripts on the other page directly if they’re hosted on the same domain, or using window.postMessage if they’re on different domains.