HTML 5 Upload not working with a password on Ipads and Iphones

I recently uploaded my HTML5 file to a server and put a password protection on it. It works fine on my computer and on Android phones, but for some reason when using an Iphone or Ipad it prompts the user to input the password in order to continue to the next slide. Is this an issue from the program or is there an apple setting that I need to tweek in order for this to work?

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.2




I am not sure how you set the password for your site but the life-time of session cookie should be specified explicitly on iOS (don’t use 0 as default value) . So, please check if it is your case.


How do I manipulate this value? Through Activpresenter? Or through my phone?

I think you should set it where you set the password. So it basically depends on how the password protection was setup.