How to remove mouse-click sounds from recordings of PowerPoint presentations?

How do I remove or turn off the mouse-click sounds from AP recordings of PowerPoint presentations? I’ve already turned off the mouse click sound under Project Settings, yet the sound still records in new recordings. The sound is loud and doesn’t anything like the actual sound coming from the mouse. Strangely, AP doesn’t record a sound for the last click on the slide. I can’t find any setting in PowerPoint to turn it off, either.

I appreciate any help you can provide!


You just need to select the recorded video, then go to the Properties pane, in the Cursor Effects section, remove Click Sound for Left-Click, Right-Click and Double-Click by setting the value to None.


Hmmm…I’m not seeing anything for Click Sounds under the Project Properties window. Perhaps it’s different for the Mac version of AP? This is what I have.


Please take a look at this tutorial: I mean the section as the image shown in step 5.


Why is the sound on by default? In most instances we don’t want to hear mouse clicks in our recordings!

Thanks for your feedback. We will consider changing this if there are more feedback from users.


I would also welcome to have the mouse clicking sounds off by default as I always need to select the videos and turn them off. Or at least have an option to globally turn it off or on.

I had a look at the tutorial video on the help page posted above but I guess it doesn’t really apply in 2019 anymore, right? I mean, I can’t find the “Capture Profile Editor” in my version anywhere.



I would also like an option to turn it off or on globally. I think there’s not enought of this kind of global option.



I would like to join the idea for more consistent global options.

It is a bit confusing that “Apply for All Left Clicks” is just valid for software simulations but not for video recordings. As a consequence I have to set Click Sound “None” for every single video recording. The option “Apply for All” would be a great enhancement.

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Please, please turn this off by default. I will NEVER EVER EVER want this, and it is a pain to turn off every single video. Or at least give me the option to set the default. This is HUGE.

Hi Zane,

Please wait for ActivePresenter 8 which has an option to allow users to turn on/off the mouse click sound or effects.


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Good day, is it possible you need to have the Standard or Pro version of the software to be able to configure the mouse sound?

Hi Robbie,

It is possible to do that with the Free edition. Please take a look at the following link to see the differences between editions: ActivePresenter Feature Comparison - Atomi Systems, Inc.


Good day, I looked at the list. This will help make the difference between every edition.
I also had a look at the instruction PDF supplied with the Free version and I can’t find where to remove the mouse click sound when I record videos. Here is a screen shot of the setting window that I have in my version. I seem to be missing the Annotation tab.
Can you help me find this option in the setting?
I would like to keep the yellow color arround the cursor, just looking to remove the sound effect.

ActivePresenter Free Edition
Version 8.3.2 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2021.01.26)

Hi there,

You can adjust the setting after recording to achieve your goal.
Please take a look at the above response for more information: How to remove mouse-click sounds from recordings of PowerPoint presentations? - #2 by phuongdv

In addition, you can customize the cursor effects before recording, then save it as a custom theme to reuse across projects.
Please refer to this written tutorial with a video tutorial for more details:

P/s: The Annotation tab is just available when you open the Recording Settings for Software Simulation dialog.

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Found it!! Yeah! :cowboy_hat_face:
Thank you!