How to merge different recorded videos?


Hi, I am new to active presenter, just starting with the tool. I recorded 3 videos, clicking on record video every time so now in the left part of the editor I have 3 different videos as in the next pic:

Imagen 1

I want to merge all 3 videos into one, but I can’t do that. I saw some tutorials but they are always merging videos that are already in the same “place” but in different lines in the timeline.

What I want to do is to record a video quite long like 2 hours, so I am doing it in parts, because is impossible to do everything right in one take. So in reality the videos I am recording are different parts of 1 video. Is this the correct approach for what I want to do or I should use the Pause and only record in the same video?


ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: Windows 10


Hi Victor,

Yes, you did it the right way. After recording the video in many small parts, follow these steps if you want to merge them into one:
You can just join different videos in one slide. So, you have to merge slides into one or copy videos and paste them into one slide to join.
To merge slides, select the slides that you want to merge, right-click selected slides then choose Merge Slides .