How to make the Catch Bubbles?

Hello there,
I want to know how to make bubbles float and move only in a fixed shape. Is there a game tutorial?

Hi Yuanyuan,

To make bubbles float and move only in a fixed shape, follow those steps:

Step 1: Create a new timeline
Step 2: Add animations to objects in the new timeline
Step 3: Use events - actions to call the timeline

Please take a look at this tutorial for more details:

Besides, you can download the project of this game here


Thank you very much for the method you gave me.
I’ve learned to make the project move according to the set trajectory, but when I click “HTML5 Preview”, the item in the slideshow still does not move. Can you think of any reason?


Can you send us your project to so we can check?


Hi Yuanyuan,

As I checked your project, step 3 is missing so the items don’t move when you click HTML5 Preview.

To perform step 3, select the slide then navigate to the Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Events - Actions section > add On Load events > add Start Timeline action > Click Click to edit to select the interactive timeline.

(You can also watch how to do that in the video in this tutorial from 2:21s - 2:57s).