How to link local files inside a custom html element?

hallo and thanks for this great program!

I want to understand how i can link objects or img to local files inside a custom element: something like

    <object class="forw" data="resources/forw.svg" width="40" height="40"> </object>

that works well when i export as html and works as expectend with the browser, but the preview is missing in the Saola Animate main editor… I can do tests with an external editor, but a live preview is surely more accurate. this case the svg file is already in the resources folder, i’ve also do a test put “myproject_res/myfile” as address, but without success

Thank you and have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:


Saola Animate currently doesn’t support this, unfortunately.
We will add this to our TODO list and try to let users preview custom elements using resources on Canvas in the future.


partially SOLVED using html widget:
i’ve used embed html packet from folder. In that folder I have html and related files. Live preview is working, Just edit html from outside with another editor.

Thanks anyway!

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