How to erase the cursor´s position from slide to slide

I have two slides and the cursor path ends on position A on the first slide. I want to begin the cursor path on a different position (B) on the second slide. When I move the A coordinates, the B position copies the movement. I want to break this connection.
There´s a workaround - add the copy of the slide between (set the duration to zero) and remove the cursor path there, but the screen flickers and it´s very cumbersome. Is there any better solution?

ActivePresenter version:
Version 8.3.2
Windows 10, 64bit


Hi Karel,

The Cursor Snapping feature is enabled by default. So, you just need to click the Cursor Snapping button in the View tab to turn this mode off.
For more information about how to use cursor path, please refer to:


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Perfect, thanks a lot!

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