How to enable hyphenation in a text box?


I am working on a simple slide project, the language is German.

I want to write text in blocks, but I cannot get it to keep the same space between words. In Word, I could enable hyphenation and the blank spaces would be equal in the whole text. I attached a picture to illustrate what I mean.

Can Active Presenter 9 do that?


Ich glaube nicht das AP eine Deutsche Grammatik implementiert hat. Aber über einen Umweg ist das möglich. Die gleichen Textbox Abmessungen in Word einstellen, die automatische Silbentrennung aktivieren und den Text nach AP kopieren. Hier mal ein Test …

I don’t think AP has implemented a German grammar. But it is possible via a workaround. Set the same textbox dimensions in Word, activate the automatic hyphenation and copy the text to AP. Here is a test …

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Thanks for bringing this topic to our attention.
We’ll test it and let you know later.

Nice weekend.

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Ich danke dir. Das ist eine Spitzenidee!

Thank you. That is an outstanding idea!

Hi @Jonny,

For your information, the hyphenation feature is not available in the current version of ActivePresenter.
The blank space between words does not equal when you set the text with Justify.

Thank @OlliRing for your suggestion. We appreciate you actively engaging and helping other users in the community

Have a nice week ahead, guys.

Hi PhuongThuy_Le,

thank you for the official statement. I found a workaround by choosing a larger text box size that fits all the texts. That will do for my current project, but adding the hyphenation feature for several languages might be a significant aesthetic improvement.

Kind regards, and thanks again @OlliRing

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