How to change the background color of Preloader

Problem: Change the background color of Preloader
Saola Animate version: v3.0
OS: Win 10

The “Default Preloader” does not provide option about background color,
so I try to make it with the “Custom Preloader”,
firstly I added a rectangle on the canvas as below.
Q1) Does “the custom preloader editor” put my rectangle (or any adding shape) onto the background automatically when I put it on the canvas as above?

Q2) How do I change the background color of Default preloader?
so I can save some effort to make it with the Custom preloader editor.

Thank you,


To customize the Preloader (loading scene), in the Document pane, select Custom Preloader and click Edit. This opens a Preloader document where you can create a loading screen of your own.
For example, to change the background color, in the Properties pane > Styles > Fill > Solid Fill > Select the color you want. You can also insert elements and create animations as normal.

Please take a look at this video if you want to create an advanced preloader:


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