How to Change State of Button with Variables

I’ve searched the forums and read the User Manual but I still cannot figure out how to change a button’s state from Disabled to Normal once four variables have turned TRUE on the slide. I do not want to change the state using timing.

I have created four “hotspots” that I want the person to click before advancing to the next slide. I have created a variable for each “hotspot” object that turns TRUE upon click. I then added a button to the slide that is in Disabled state - showing but cannot be clicked - until ALL the variables are TRUE. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the button’s state based on the variable conditions.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple - can someone please help me?

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On every hotspot - in addition to setting the variable to TRUE, you will need to run a conditional check to change the state of the button to Normal.

Below is an example for Hotspot A

On Click

  1. Set varA to TRUE
  2. Change state of button to Normal
    IF varA = TRUE AND
    IF varB = TRUE AND
    IF varC = TRUE AND
    IF varD = TRUE


You need each hotspot to be the same because we don’t know the order that the learner will click the hotspots. This way whichever is last it should enable the button.

I realize the idea is a bit broad in description but hopefully that helps.


Thank you! That helps a LOT! I appreciate the help. I knew I was just missing where to put the change state action.