How to change size of webcam recoding

I’m recording my lecture for online classes on ActivePresenter 8. I want to have the webcam on full screen for a while and change to slide coming on full screen with my webcam seen on the left corner. This pattern of presentation I want to record. how do i do it?
Can anybody help?


Regard to your case, we suggest that you can use two ways below to do that:

  1. Using Zoom-n-Pan feature to zoom in or zoom out webcam video on the Canvas.
    Please check out this tutorial to get detail useful steps:
  1. Before recording, click the drop-down arrow next to the Webcam icon on the Record Video Project dialog > Format Settings > select one webcam size in the Output Size box.

Then, after recording, you can divide your project into two slides.

  • Slide 1: adjust your video size to full screen by dragging the resizing handles (green dots)
  • Slide 2: move the webcam object on the canvas to the left corner.

Besides, you can add transition between two slides to make it works smoothly.

Kind regards,

Thank you so much.
It was very helpful.