How to change maximum attempts for Tutorial and Test?

In Active Presenter project settings there is only 1 field for maximum attempts, which is being reflected in both Tutorial and Test. But there is no option to change that. Lets say I want the maximum attempts for tutorial should 1 and for test it is 3. How to change that? It is fine if I can change it from the backend.

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.6

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Notes: I am a licensed user, it is licensed to Kanhu.Barik

Hi Kanhu,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to set separate maximum attempts for each mode.
We may allow changing the maximum attempts by script in future releases, but not for version 6 (we don’t update features for version 6 anymore, just fix bugs if any).



That’s not supported but you can work around that by cloning your project file to two: one for tutorial and one for test mode.


That is a good idea, but it needs a lot of effort as i have to edit the files twice. Is there any way to change it in html5 generated output?