How to adjust speed for Audio Video into Active ActivePresenter_v8.5.7?

I have added a speech and trying to sync Video created through Active Presenter. Also Do we have an option to show subtitles as per the speech ?


To sync the audio with the video, or with the text, you may need to use some basic video/audio editing tools in ActivePresenter.
Let’s take a look at the following videos for more information:
(How to Cut/Copy/Delete & Crop Audio and Video - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube)
(Sync Audio with Text Using Text Animation - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube)
(How to Insert Time to Videos - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube)

Besides, ActivePresenter allows you to export videos with closed captions.
They are encoded directly in your video.
Please watch this video and try out the feature to see if it is what you’re looking for.

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