How to add more TTS voices

Problem: Need to add more TTS voices other than those provided by Windows

ActivePresenter Version: Required.Version 8.0.4 (Released: 2020.03.25)

OS: Required. Windows 10


Hi Amer,

ActivePresenter just loads any SAPI5 compatible voices installed on your computer.

To add more TTS voices, you can install any SAPI5 compatible voices on your computer and ActivePresenter will detect and load it automatically.

We intend to support users to access some cloud voices directly from ActivePresenter. So stay tuned for the next releases.


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thank you for the reply. i will be waiting for future updates to help me add more voices easily.


We’ve released the new version ActivePresenter 8.1 that enables you to access more text-to-speech voices from Amazon Polly, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure right within ActivePresenter.

You can download ActivePresenter 8.1 from here: and try it.

For more information about accessing more TTS voices, please refer to this tutorial: