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How to add code into HTML tags?

Problem: How to add code into HTML tags?
Saola Animate version: v3.0.1
OS: win10


As the page Use External JavaScript, CSS, and HTML in Saola Animate 3 teach us to insert external JavaScript into Saola.

If an external JavaScript library need to add some code to work, for example,
<html><head> need some style settings here </style> </head>
<html><body> need some script tags and code here </body></html>
Q) how can I add code into tags above?
or it is impossible, so I should modify HTML5 after export them from Saola.

Thank you very much,

Hi afei,

You can click Document pane > Edit HTML, and add your script tags and code after the {$jsFiles} line.

However, adding those code to Create or Ready event of the Saola Animate document is much better. You won’t need to maintain it if the HTML structure is changed in later versions.
You can find document events in Document pane > Event Handlers.


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