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How record keyboard and mouse keystrokes?

Hi, I’m from France, sorry for my English…
I’m trying to record keyboard and mouse keystrokes during recording, but I don’t know how to…
I would like to show to my students how to use a Software and record all my keyboard and mouse keystrokes (example right or left clik, or central clik, or any key on my keyboard to have a better explain ti my student…). Is it possible to do this ?
Thank you !


The Record Software Simulation feature in ActivePresenter will meet your needs.
For more information, please take a look at this tutorial:


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Alternatively, if the Software Simulations feature isn’t quite what you need – and I know this isn’t a direct answer – but there’s an app on the Windows store called Screen Recorder Pro (it’s free) that I sometimes use as well, and then import the clip into AP. Mostly I use it when I’m trying to screen record ActivePresenter itself (I haven’t figured out how to get AP to record itself). It’ll do mouse and keyboard strokes. The GUI is a little chaotic but it’s still straightforward and produces very good quality results.