Hotspot not recognizing correct click

I don’t know what I am doing wrong with this hotspot question. In the attached image, the left side shows the hotspot area in AP. The checkbox for correct answer in the setting is checked. But when I take the test and click in that area, it tells me it’s incorrect.

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.6

OS: Windows


It seems that your hotspot is set up with No Fill and No Line in the Properties pane (Properties pane > Style & Effects tab) so it cannot accept events when you interact with the question.
Please select Solid Fill with the Fill Opacity value is 0 to resolve the issue.


Okay, thanks. That fixed that. But now I have another problem with the same questions.

I click the hotspot, click Submit. It shows the Correct response popup.
But when I click Continue, it stays on the same hotspot slide. If I click Submit again, I get Incomplete, sorry you must answer before continuing.

For the Hotspot question/Interactivity setting, I have Multiple Response unchecked. I tried it both ways and it does the same thing whether checked or unchecked.

And for the hotspot itself, I have correct Answer and Retain State checked.


We can’t reproduce the problem.

Could you kindly share the project having the issue and its external data folder(if any) to so that we can check?


I just figured out what was wrong. The slide after the hotspot question had a duration of 0, so apparently that was keeping it from moving forward. Not sure why I got that incomplete message, but once I fixed the duration, the hotspots are working.

Glad to know that your issue has been resolved.

Best regards,