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Hot Keys do not stop recording

When I begin video recording, and set up my hot keys for whatever I want, I am unable to use the hot key to stop the recording. Without the toolbar on, I cannot stop the recording (I have to use ctrl+alt+delete to shut down AP). I have used the default ctrl + end to stop recording, and I have also tried to use other keys as the shortcut for stop recording. Any thoughts?


Can you please let us know the following:

  • Your operating system.
  • The target application that you are recording on?
  • The version of ActivePresenter.

Can you please try with default hotkeys to see if it works or not?



  1. Windows: 10.0.17134 64-bit
  2. PowerPoint
  3. AP 7.5.6

I’ve tried both the default keys and other keys.

Note: the keys WILL stop the recording if I only let it run for a few seconds. If I try to record for more than a minute or two, the short cut keys WILL NOT stop the recording (and I have to use ctrl + alt + delete to stop)

thank you!


You can click ActivePresenter icon on the system tray at any time to stop recording: