HOT KEY FOR THE "Eyedropper"

Would love to have a shortcut key to pull up the Eyedropper (or at least have that choice in the right click context menu) so that after clicking on an element, you could go and instantly choose an existing color on the screen.

For instance…I often go take a small screenshot of a color palette and put it next to my layout in SAOLA ANIMATE and then after clicking an element, I use the eyedropper to instantly choose from those colors in the screenshot to stay within the color scheme I am using. It would be so much faster to press one shortcut key and pull up the Eyedropper.

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Hi Locky,

Thank you for your suggestion.
We’ll consider about this feature if there are more user requests.


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I second this request !

Eyedropper for the color as well as for other parameters would be great.

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